Friday, 12 August 2016

Japanese Kit Kat - Sake and Sakura Matcha flavours

Oooo. I bought these Kit Kat directly from Japan on eBay many moons ago - and haven't expired yet.

Finally I have taken the time to eat some chockies (plus it's my week off for the summer). Time out with the diet which is not going so well this week - but at least I'm eating healthily and my weight is stable ^_^ ! Mr Games is on my back to walk more, especially since I'm playing Pokémon Go!! Yes Boss! ... But taking the bus to play the game is so much easier... :p (I actually walked around this week to St James's Park, Westminster and all of Southbank up to Tower Bridge until my battery went down to 1% - LOL).

So the flavours I bought were Japanese Sake and Sakura Matcha. 

Tried out the Sakura Matcha 桜抹茶first. I originally ordered this with the Sake flavour but the sender failed to send me that and was sold out! :( Got a refund! Always get your money back for things you don't get... :p

There's 3 in this box.

The white chocolate is turned to a matcha green colour.

It has a very sweet matcha green tea flavour with a hint of floweriness. Can I say that? I don't know how to describe it really.

This cost me £3.99 on eBay. I chose the cheapest one.

Was so disappointed not receiving the Sake flavour 日本酒 (Nihon Sake - which is the alcoholic one by 0.8%), so a couple of months later I received this in the post.

Still 3 in the box.

It's all white chocolate here.

It seems they soaked the white chocolate in the sake before moulding this into the chocolate bar. There's a slight hint of sake smell and it tastes like sweet, very sweet sake. You won't get drunk on this, but you may feel a slight affect of alcoholism... :p

This cost me £6.17 including postage and packaging. Expensive!

If you get a chance to try these out, let me know what you think. ^_^

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  1. I bring 5 packets everyday for my five little dogs.