Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sainsbury's @ Elephant & Castle

Two months ago a new Sainsbury's appeared amongst our many supermarkets in the area. Still waiting for there to be a mini ASDA, LIDL and ALDI... Come closer to Walworth Road please. ^_^

Elephant and Castle is becoming trendy at the moment. People are already trying to forget there was a council estate there. Don't worry, people like me will not forget the once atrocious area!

Before shopping there I went out to the Czech Club with Mr YellowCloak and Ms LǜFù (pictures of food below), then followed Mr YellowCloak to get the City Link train - it's so quick using this train. Unfortunately Mr YellowCloak told me to get on the wrong train, which didn't stop at Elephant and Castle, so had to get a bus from Blackfriars... Was very fortunate that I had 20 minutes left before closing time!

It's quite a big store. Even though there's a lot of variety, I still prefer Morrisons and Tesco.

There's even a small Asian section, but I would likely be heading towards Longdan Express for some of my Asian food stock.

Here's a reminder of the times it opens and closes.

Very conveniently placed near the bus stops (like the one in Waterloo. ^_^ )

Good luck Sainsbury's Elephant and Castle!

Address: 40 New Kent Rd, London SE1 6TJ

Here's what I had that evening. Battered cauliflower with salad. Black tea. And I also had an apple struedel. Trying to prove to Miss Vegan that I can be semi healthy on a night out. LOL!

On my way out from Blackfriars, a cheeky fox just walked past me... Not scared at all! I meant the fox was not scared of us humans. >_<"


  1. the food pics at the check club, i'll pass on that and stick to my mom's nihari
    unlike u i don,t have any vegan chums, they make me nervous n read the guardian

    1. lol!
      i read the guardian, well only the headlines mostly