Saturday, 1 April 2017

Louie Louie - London Walworth Road

I think I'm about 2 months behind in my posts... sorry...

There's going to be a lot of cooommmmpetition on the Walworth Road with this new cafe/restaurant (I say in a high pitch voice).

Just before I went to Hong Kong I saw this little corner finally being taken over which has been abandoned for years. It was once a fast food restaurant, then turned into a Nigerian restaurant and now into this new café (that turns into a bar at night). I think I have to see this change over happen at some point.

I missed its opening in December because I kept seeing closed shutters, so I have no idea when it opened... Why do cafés and restaurants open towards the end of the year?!

I woke up early one Sunday morning (it was the day after the skirt-making workshop), I couldn't sleep, so went out Pokémon hunting in Burgess Park. ^_^ Spent a good time there and didn't realise part of the lake's path was closed off... ¬_¬" Irritating. 

As I was walking back, I thought this was a good chance for me to try out Louie Louie. Think I got there just in time for opening time! 

Interesting choice of table plants. ^_^ My favourite! (I have cacti in my office).

My interest of light bulbs never ends.

Ordered a flat white coffee with soya milk which unfortunately costs an extra 0.50 pence. I've read other people's reviews on that, and yes, it is expensive for a different milk. Plus I was expecting a slightly larger glass/cup for it. :(

There was a lot of choice on the Weekend Brunch menu compared to its normal brekkie menu! But I thought I'll go vegan for that morning. Just to be on the healthy side... Plus introduce different food items on this blog. I can't eat meat all the time! 

Kitchen opened at 9.30am that morning so had to wait for a bit for the food... 
I chose this very hearty looking chickpea stew with avocados and mushrooms which came with a leafy salad and toast. It's for two people, but I did a long walk, so I think I was capable of eating most of it... I even ordered the vegan banana bread with almond butter... Maybe I shouldn't have ordered that. Too much food. ¬_¬"" (I think other people were curious at my picture taking... LOL! Well, it is a lot of food, and I was on a food mission.).

This is the type of food Miss Vegan would bring into work. Maybe I should learn how to make this stuff.... It was amazing! A little spicy but the avocodo cooled my mouth from the spiciness. The toast went well with it.

Not sure about this salad presentation, but I like the taste of it.

I finally had this banana bread. Miss Vegan tried to make this one day for her son, but it ended like a vegan banana cake... it still tasted great! The almond butter was a bit sticky for my liking, but I found it sweet enough and sticky enough. I think vegans will love this place.


Total cost came to £24.41 which includes service charge. It is expensive, but my meal was kind of for two people, so in fact I would have paid around £12 if I was with another person (trying to justify the pricing).

I was full after eating, but not bloated like after eating lots of meat and chips...
Definitely would go again! But only on a very random occasion. ^_^
At night this place changes into a bar too... Heheheh

My geeky rating: 4.9/5 (just because of the tiny coffee!)

Good points:
- Friendly service
- Good atmosphere
- Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters

Bad points:
- A little expensive (especially for the tiny coffee I had :( )
- Took a bit long for the food - but that was expected

Address: 347 Walworth Road, London SE17 2AL
Tel: 020 7450 3223



  1. so sad 2 see Xpensive hipster joints
    arrived on WALWORTH
    walworth is 4 the common good PEEPS
    n not beardy man CUBS from SHOREditch or hoaxton
    GO away hipstas
    walworth only eat halal fried CHICKENN n pie & mash

    1. Hahahaha, with the amount of new buildings I think we're going to get a few hipsters.

  2. This was actually crowd funded gentrification :(