Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cotswolds Day 2: Bourton-on-the-Water

Sunday 27th August

The Beautiful Treasures (yes we are - giggle) awakened around 8 am, got ready and planned to eat breakfast at the hotel's buffet... 

There wasn't that much, but I had what I would usually have at work... There's actually some sausages and hash browns underneath my toast, but was too lazy to take another picture. Blah.

Well nothing special about my breakfast. Didn't go for seconds. I think the only person who had a bit more was Miss Money and Mr Games grabbed a couple of more muffins... and the only thing Mr Sensible enjoyed (and me too) was the strong coffee. >_<"" It was on a unanimous vote that we wouldn't be eating breakfast at the hotel's buffet again... 

It seemed I was the one who was the research and giving the others the links to decide on where to go. Miss Money said she wanted to go to the "most beautiful" town in the Cotswolds... Erm, there's loads to choose from, and they're all tiny villages so pick and choose it was!

The only decision was made by Miss Money who said we should go to Bourton-on-the-Water, and then do a hike around there. But we had to stop by another beautiful town... and that wasn't really worth it... It was a very, very tiny town already filled with Chinese tourists. LOL!

We were actually making fun of the name of the town we evetually got to, because when you say Bourton-on-the-Water quite quickly, it sounds like you're saying Bottom-of-the-Water! LOL! Or Bottle-on-the-Water. It gave us a few laughs along the way. ^_^

Who could these people in front of me be?

The boys needed more coffee. What! So we stopped by a coffee shop located near the post office. Coffee is basically like gold to us...

Time for a walk around. Apparently this town is the Venice of Gloucestershire and the Cotswold. ¬_¬"" Are they serious about that? But the water was clear, and lots of people were playing in it. Surprisingly it was hot on this day, so perfect for a sit and chill day.

We ended up in a tourist guide office, and we were trying to find a good route to hike. So the old lady in the shop highlighted it for us... She must know the area quite well to remember in detail which ways to walk! An extremely important local in the area! She gave us the true Cotwolds hike... a two to three hour walk (more like a four if you break at certain points).

Time to hit the road (after a toilet break)!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Cotswolds Day 1: Piggies in Gloucester

Saturday 26th August 

Time for another trip with the troupe. I need to name this troupe... Our Whatsapp group name is called "Beautiful Treasures" (don't ask... just happens to be this name) so I think I will call this group The Beautiful Treasures whom consist of Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible. Plus me, The Geek! ^_^ As you may know already we travel together quite often... I actually don't know why. Just seem to gel together quite well and get on each other's nerves when we need to.

^_^ During one evening, whilst I was trying to study for the JLPT exam, we suddenly started talking about the Summer Bank Holiday. Where to go this summer??? I can't remember who said Cotwolds but we ended up choosing this as our trip. I had a long look on AirBnB for a place to stay, but Mr Games ended up booking a hotel. ¬_¬"" All those hours of looking when I should have been studying... 

The Summer Bank Holiday came by really quickly! We all met up with Mr Games and Mr Sensible's home... Mr Sensible drove us there as he now has a car!! ^_^ Yay... do I really need to start learning to drive? Hmmmm. Can't put it off ... or maybe I can, and then just resit the theory. Sorry Mr Sensible. We'll rely on you driving for now...

We stopped off at one of those stops in the middle of our journey... I picked up this sushi set. ERK!!! Terrible stuff!! Stale rice and too much vinegar... BLEURGH. Should have had Burger King... 0/10. But I still ate it. :(

Who had this sweet and sour chicken? Think it was Miss Money... Too watery. No taste! Do these peeps no how to cook?!

We arrived at the hotel we were staying at before 3 pm. Checked in. And thankfully we were on the ground floor as I was tired... Not sure about the others. But I'm sure they were too. I think Miss Money was ready to sprint out and go exploring in an instant. 

So off we went heading towards the city centre of Gloucester. We even got to go over the rail crossing... ^_^ Reminded me of being in Ireland.

Walk, walk, walk and we still hadn't got there yet!

Finally! Got to the city centre. We went into a bunch of charity shops and took a lot of pictures of the Piggies... Something similar to the Fabergé Eggs and all those sheep in London. >_<"" Were we going to find them all? Maybe...

Went into more shops, and caught Mr Games trying to take a picture of me being extremely tired... I caught you Mr Games! So I gave him a big smile before he tried to take the pic... True tired self hidden! Car rides really make me tired since my trip to Hong Kong... :p

Monday, 25 September 2017

Return to Whipsnade Park... a different route

Finally returned to Whipsnade Zoo, and with my ZSL yearly pass - so I went in without having to pay for a ticket since I'm a member... which reminds me I need to pop into London Zoo before the end of the year!

This summer, I decided to go to Whipsnade as it's been a while since I've been. This time I took a different route... 
Took a train before 8 in the morning from Elephant and Castle Train Station all the way to St Alban's Station. I forgot the cost of the train ticket, but it was less than £10.

Then took the Route 35 bus outside the station at Bus Stop D, which is a number 34 but switches to the number 35 upon arrival at St Alban's station. It's really a confusing matter!!

I suggest not to go on a Sunday as there are no buses heading towards Whipsnade... You would need to get a taxi.

The return ticket costs £6.80 from St Alban's to Whipsnade and back again. The drivers take cash unlike the Londoners who just use Oyster. (They need to make Oyster universal around the UK, like what they do in Hong Kong!). It's a very long journey by the way... I suggest you bring some headphones and a book. 

Entered just before opening time! The early morning journey was worth it, but definitely a killer if you don't like getting up early.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Pikachu Can Drink - Ocean Bomb (Cucumber Flavour)

Pikachu in a can? So kawaiiiii!!! 可愛いいいいいい~~~~~~ Bought this in H Mart because I thought it was cute.

Well the outside was cute, but the inside drink was kind of weird to have a cucumber fizzy water drink... Ugh! But it wasn't sweet... it was just sparkling water with cucumber extract. ¬_¬""

Will never buy this again! Sorry Pikachuuuuuuuu!

Saturday, 23 September 2017 Advert

Did this advert board get hacked? Erm no... 

I actually thought this was an act of a feminist warrior out there to destroy all men and their powers that be... I was giggling all the way home...

But actually it's about equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals. Oh well, it would have been funny it this billboard was hacked! ^_^ Heheheheh.

Here's a link to what this was all about: 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Zing Zing 调味 Chinese Food. Delivered - London Walworth Road

Ah... for some reason the blogging app and website don't sync! Had to rewrite some of this...

A long awaited post for those who live in the area of Walworth Road (not Elephant and Castle). Not sure why restaurants in the area like to place their addresses in the vicinity of Elephant and Castle, when they are clearly in Walworth! Get your geography right peeps... Elephant and Castle is technically part of Walworth and Newington (confusing, I know) - Part of Lambeth and Southwark... Awkward!

Geography lesson over. Let's get on with the food! 

So Zing Zing! Is not the actual pronunciation of those two Chinese characters that are displayed. 调味 (Mando: tiao wei; Canto: tiu mei) means "seasoning" which gives the "zing zing" on our food. All our food needs a bit of Zing Zing I guess.

Zing Zing! is slotted between some not so obvious shops so it's easily missed with their black outer layer and shop sign saying "Chinese food. Delivered". 😅

Inside the tiny takeaway serves the not so typical Chinese foods but actually a variety of Asian foods like Korean and Thai foods. It's pretty much a Pan Asian takeaway. (Should they really be using the word "Chinese" for their foods? Controversial!).

Ordered a few dishes. 4 dishes to be exact. The nice thing about this place, although small, you can see the chefs cook. Took a little while to cook but I didn't mind since it was raining heavily outside. 🌧

These are the free Thai prawn crackers I got... (actually got 2 boxes... Think the guy serving probably thought I didn't get any). 😅 

This is the salt and pepper squid. The squid had enough zing zing on top, fried nicely and was not rubbery at all. Nice and soft.

I think this dish is quite popular. Sweet and sour chicken. It wasn't too sweet and not too sour, had a nice texture... I would go for this dish again!

The Chilli beef strips were a little tough but it tasted amazing! A nice lot of zing zing here!!

The beef chow mein was really tasty!! It reminded me of the Chinese fried and dried beef with flat rice noodles... Woooow...!! 

The leftovers were taken to work. Couldn't waste it!

Total cost came £28.80. Expensive for 4 dishes! I can actually buy more dishes in a normal Chinese takeaway for the same price.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (lost a 0.5 because of being expensive)

Good points:
- Very tasty dishes
- Customer service was somewhat ok (but I think arguments can be set aside... Even if they are minor)

Bad points:
- Expensive!

Address: 227 Walworth Rd, London SE171RL
Tel: 020 3745 8696


Sunday, 17 September 2017

British Museum - Hokusai: Beyond The Great Waves (and Walworth Festival)

Everything is Japanese themed for me this summer!

My Japanese teacher mentioned about this exhibition, Hokusai: Beyond The Great Waves, at the British Museum this summer just gone. So I booked a ticket in advance. When I looked at the bookings again, the tickets were all sold out fairly quickly!

The day I went was a wet day, and there was already a huge queue to enter the museum. I feared that I would miss my timing to go into the exhibition... But thankfully as I had a ticket, I was able to skip the massive queue.

As I was there about half-an-hour to 45 minutes early, I couldn't go into the exhibition early, so I went around the museum...

A piece from Da Vinci... ^_^

Korean household...

Chinese pottery...

Well, it was time to enter, unfortunately there was a long queue just to read and go through Hokusai's artworks! He did a lot in his lifetime!!! 

Since I couldn't take any pictures, I decided to purchase the postcards, and give you a glimpse of the famouse artworks of Hokusai... the artist who drew and painted those famous waves! I never believed that the world of manga art existed for so many years either...

If you want to know about Hokusai's life in 2 minutes (and if you understand Japanese), here's a cartoon... Unfortunately there's no subs. But it's funny even if you don't understand!

The exhibition has now finished... but look out for more Japanese exhibitions!

Address: Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG


The Walworth Festival happened to be on the same day I went to the museum... I actually didn't know this was happening... just stumbled upon it as I was heading to Argos! LOL!! ^_^

There were only a few stalls of interest, but apparently there were some dancing acts....