Monday, 20 November 2017

Aldi Christmas Advert 2017

Oh no! Kevin the Carrot is back! ^_^

The advert might be deleted from last year, but thankfully I wrote a brief description of last year's ad.

Kevin the Carrot escapes from being the nose of a snowman, he thinks he sees Santa but actually sees a chef on a train serving a Christmas dinner, he climbs to the top of the table and sees a pretty female carrot. His mission: to get to the female carrot... He faces a lot of challenges amongst the table of food... poked by a fork, a sound of a cork, a gingerbread man is broken in half (thought to be a murder taken place)... then suddenly a spoonful of peas flies in the air and Kevin the Carrot tries to save the female carrot. He's hit by a pea! Kevin then says "I think I just pea'd myself" OMG! In the end it's a Titanic the movie theme. Leo and Kate scenario whilst Santa drives the train in the air...

Am I impressed? Nah... But seems to be better than the other Christmas ads this year.

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