Monday, 6 November 2017

Amazon Christmas Advert 2017 - "Give"

Ah man! 😐

Just when I thought I was reaching to the end of updating all my blog posts (I'm practically up-to-date to be honest, just a few snacks to blog about) the Christmas ads had to come out again. In November! 😥

Now starting off with the Amazon Christmas Advert where the pacels sing! I'm a big fan of Amazon and I know their workers work really hard (although my last delivery was a mishap, it never arrived, and so I had to cancel it and get a refund... think there was a problem with the delivery truck, but never understood what the real problem was).

The advert gives us customers a small insight of how our Amazon parcels go through the delivery service (the pre-packaging part is missed out... And I'm sure that's a lot of work too). The packages sing happily as we're shown where and how are packages get from the warehouse to our doorstep... 
Not a very emotional story line. It didn't reach my heart to say shop at Amazon, and as a Prime member I'm a bit biased, due to the above incident (sorry). 

It's cute. Not too Christmasy and not too over the top with the animated singing, I actually felt like singing along...! 😆

Now I think everyone is eager for the John Lewis advert... a nostalgic feeling is coming inside of me...

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