Thursday, 16 November 2017

Debenhams Christmas Advert 2017 - "#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas"

Beginning to get a bit dreary of the Christmas adverts this year! πŸ˜† 

I used to like Debenhams's Christmas adverts or did I? No, no, their #FoundIt advert was alright. 

This year we have a story telling theme (Cinderella sort of theme), where a girl sits opposite a guy. Guy and girl falls in love for a brief few minutes. Girl leaves the train. Guy sees a sparkling show on the floor, but was it even hers?! She was wearing black shoes. She was holding her bags quite tightly... how on Earth did she lose that shoe?!! πŸ˜•Anyway, social media helps this soon-to-be couple to unite, and for her to get her shoe back. 


I admit I had a tiny smile at the end, mainly because of the story teller, but thinking at the same time that this is so typical! Love the sparkly dress by the way!

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