Saturday, 25 November 2017

Vodafone UK Christmas Adverts 2017 - "Love Story"

Have Vodafone upgraded themselves in the advertising world?

Here we see Martin Freeman in a several part Love Story. The adverts are quite cheesy, but by the time you reach to Part 3, you really want to know what happens next. It becomes a cliffhanger like those Korean dramas... what happens next. I won't give spoilers for these adverts, just watch and see...

Part 1: Love on the Platform


Part 2: The First Call

Part 3: Doubt

Part 4: Idiot


Part 5: Beach Reunion


I've watched a few Japanese mobile phone adverts, and I think Vodafone have probably taken some advice from a Japanese company... 😅😅😅

A good effort... Not sure about the ending though with Christmas being on a beach... These "posh" people... 

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