Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Chung Ying Cantonese Restaurant δΈ­θ‹± - Chinese Quarter, Birmingham

Free time means blogging time. πŸ˜‰

Dim sum feast time!!!

The last time I went out to eat dim sum was a week before going to Birmingham! πŸ˜‚

We went to a Cantonese restaurant which was Miss Wine's choice, as originally she wanted us to try a Malaysian place a few doors down, but it looked busy and there was nowhere to put Baby B's pram...

Chung Ying δΈ­θ‹± (Canto: jong ying; Mando: zhong ying) could have several meanings: "Chinese and English", "Middle of England", "In England/Britain". I don't know what the owners intention was but the name fairly fits in. πŸ˜† It's located in the middle of Chinese Quarter in Birmingham.

So we had a few minutes wait before going to our table.

And on the menu was KANGAROO! OMG. A Cantonese restaurant selling kangaroo meat. Woah. That was totally unexpected. Did I order any? Of course not!

We all ordered our dishes and dim sum... I think I ordered too much. But it makes up for the evening meal on the train journey. A sandwich for dinner. A feast for lunch the next day. 

I ordered my favourite Shredded Pork Crispy noodles. Practically had the whole plate as the other two didn't like the mushrooms in it. ¬_¬ Seriously, why do people hate mushrooms?

Miss Pinky had her squid as usual. It was definitely fried differently. A different type of batter. It tasted quite crispy.

Miss Wine ordered the veggie spring rolls... Tasted ok!

Fried prawn balls with thousand sauce on top. Yummilicious!! I could eat these all over again!

Fried beef balls. Very different! Interesting to be honest. I would order these again. ^_^

Some steamed dumplings...

Elks in curry sauce. Yum yum. A bit spicy. Miss Pinky thought they look slimy.

Miss Wine ordered this... Not sure what this was to be honest. Hahahahah.

Miss Pinky had the gizzard / tripe. She loves the stuff.

But she found the ribs not to her liking. I think she thought they were the ones with extra sauce like the ones you get in the American steakhouses. She hardly had any of this... Too bad.

Total came to £52.10. Not too bad for three people. Although I feel like I ordered the majority. Roughly ~£17 each. It's good. I paid the majority and Miss Pinky the rest. LOL! Treating our host Miss Wine. πŸ˜‰

My geeky rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Good points:
- Polite service, one of the waiters even helped me with Baby B's pram down the stairs even when I said she's a bit heavy (sorry Baby B πŸ˜…)
- Reasonable prices... we apparently chose the ok cheapish dishes on the menu
- Very spacious restaurant
- Food came out reasonably quick... and steaming hot

Bad points:
- Can't think of any! It just tastes as good as the stuff in London.

Address: 16-18 Wrottesley Street, Birmingham China Town, B5 4RT
Tel: 0121 622 5669

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Birmingham Birthday Weekend

Yay! It's my birthday (well it was on March 25th)! It's been a long time since I've written some long posts, it's been a tough working life at the moment - I will survive even if my colleagues tell me to take a break, I will do my best to take time off!!

Think Miss Pinky has been feeling neglected since I don't usually like celebrating my birthday... It's a tiresome activity having to please others with things they've come up with. πŸ˜’ Sorry friends and family. Just give me vouchers and money so I can treat myself! 😝

So Miss Pinky really, really wanted to spend some time with me and Baby B, plus one of her uni friends who I have mentioned in this blog (we went to Comic Con with her), but not sure if I gave her a nickname. Hmmm. Miss Wine (because she likes wine a lot!). So we ended up booking train tickets to Birmingham where Miss Pinky's uni friend lives.

The train journey was from Euston Station to a destination just outside Birmingham central. We took the slow train, well the cheapest option which was over a two hour journey. Miss Pinky forgot to tell me that Baby B can only manage over an hour before she starts a tantrum... ¬_¬"" ... We finally got to Birmingham after 11pm, there were a few mishaps along the journey and we had to tell Baby B off a few times. The taxi journey was almost a nightmare. I think Miss Pinky thinks I'm like Mr Picky. We won't go into the details, but apparently we were cheated by £3 as the driver took us the long route to Miss Wine's place... Whoops!

We got in and didn't sleep until 1pm... sleeping arrangements kept changing, but we finally managed to make everyone happy that night. 😁

Next morning we went out for a walk with Miss Wine's dog, Poppy...

Apparently everytime Miss Pinky visits Miss Wine's place, they never explore Birmingham. Really?! 😏 Guess I haven't taught Miss Pinky enough to be more adventurous and to explore a place... So since it was my first time in Birmingham, I really wanted to look at the China Town in Chinese Quarter... And that's where we went! Miss Wine took us on a drive, we saw the unfinished hospital which was being built by Carillion and went into liquidations. It's a shame, it looks almost finished... We got stuck in traffic a bit, and saw the slums of Birmingham, the city area reminds me of Hammersmith in London. Concrete and bricks.

Well we got to the Chinese Quarter and walked around a bit... I think it's a big area, but it could be more utilised with more Chinese businesses. It feels much bigger than the London one but fewer restaurants around. 😐

There was a protest going on that morning and we saw lots of men with banners... It seemed like a working class era protest, whereas in London we see more of the protests against war and new laws which don't benefit the lower classes of society.

Anyway, at this point we stopped off for food which I will write in a separate post.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Japanese Beer Variety

It's been a tough couple of months (and another month to go). I think I almost burst with anger around a month ago with my managers making mistakes. 😑 In the end, I had to resolve it with alcohol!!

I went into Longdan after work, and I wanted to get a Sapporo and Asahi beer, but then I saw a new variety of beers they were selling. Including some non-alcoholic beers, but I didn't buy those ones. Miss Pinky saw this picture and immediately thought of the variety we saw in Tokyo. 😁 I actually felt that same momentum when I bought these.

This Japanese Red Beer θ΅€ζΏγ‚Š (red turbity? πŸ˜•) is actually quite interesting in terms of the can... for some reason the writing was upside down, not sure of the reasons. Anyway, the flavour was quite bitter, it mainly uses barley. It wasn't my favourtite of all beers that I bought.

This one is called Komugi no Beer. This one uses wheat, and I actually liked it! It's quite light but also bitter in taste, reminded me of a Heineken Beer, although Heineken mainly use barley... Hmm I think I like wheat more I guess.

This Lemon Beer is quite interesting. It's not a shandy as it doesn't taste like they've added lemonade; it tastes more of juice from a lemon added to beer. I've had the non-alcoholic version and I think that tasted awful. Definitely have the alcoholic one, it's bitter with a lemon twist.

My favourite one: Komugi no Beer

The beers here are ranged from £2 to £4. It ain't so bad considering a pint of beer in the city costs around £5 and up. πŸ˜†

p.s. Drink in moderation... even if you've had a tough day, have a herbal tea instead of a beer. You'll feel better the next day!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Oseyo Eats (Korean) - London Waterloo

It's been a very long week with snow, work and sleep (no driving this weekend, I quit with manual driving, so I'm going for automatic... I have a brain that can't hack manual yet). Thankfully it's all over in London. The snow has melted away. 😊

Hmart seem to be swinging into the London action (sorry for bad pictures of the shop, I crossed the road and forgot to take a better pic, and it was raining on the day I went).

I've been waiting for this shop to open (back in January). As soon as I saw K-Culture on the window I wondered what they meant by that and what type of shop this place was going to be...
Edit: Using Google Translate, I think Oseyo (Eats) μ˜€μ„Έμš” means "please come (and eat)" - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Inside the shop they sell refridgerated Korean dishes, dried foods, drinks, hot foods, K-pop CD's, confectionery. There's a seating area you can eat your food... Basically like a cafe but with a bit of Korean hype. 

I spent £13.68 on all the items in the picture below. The crackers are fat free pumpkin flavoured which cost £1.20.  The noodles are worth trying. There are two portions in each bag and are £3.99 each.

This is beef bulgogi kimbap. It was ok, but I think this was one of the popular items - the guy at the till had to check if there was anymore! This cost me £4.50.

p.s. This place used to be a bookstore before it was turned into a new building... goodbye bookstore!

Address: 158 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8SB
Tel: 020 3105 4857

Friday, 16 February 2018

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog

It's the Year of the Dog 🐢 this year. It's a bit late than usual, but the Lunar calendar says it's in February this year. 😜 The Lunar calendar year is 4716. Actually quite fascinated that life has existed for so long and we've still not discovered alien existence. πŸ˜… 

Is there a Chinese/Lunar New Year story we could talk about this year? (I'll say Lunar, as the new year is celebrated with other Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam). Well one story, which one of my Canadian friends reminded me about was the upside down Chinese character 福 (Canto: fuk (pronounced like foork... so don't try and say the swear word!; Mando: fu). Here's a short story I found on YouTube...

In short summary, during the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor was angry at the people who talked badly about him. His wife Empress Ma suggested that everyone should hang their η¦ signs upside down to bring in happiness from the outside to the inside...

πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the holiday! Taking a day off on Monday. A well deserved break. πŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Meza Restaurant - London Tooting Broadway

Had a tough time at work last week. Still having a bad week this week too. πŸ˜– I wish I had a month off...

Happy Valentine's Day too!! 😍

I don't often eat Lebanese food but it was an option for Ms LuFu and Mr Yellowcloak. We ended up at this place as Ms LuFu was decorating and couldn't come up to Central London, so I was browsing the Internet on what we could eat around the Tooting Broadway area...

And I found this place called Meza. Tooting Broadway area is known for their Indian and Asian spices (as I was so told by one of my colleagues) but Ms LuFu and Mr Yellowcloak don't like spicy foods, and I don't think Ms LuFu eats out in her area much. She likes Lebanese food though! Phew!

A few minutes away from Tooting Broadway Tube restaurant is this small restaurant. It got very busy as our food came along... Customers kept coming and going!

All three of us (although only 2 cups showing here) had a pot of mint tea. It was really tasty even without sugar. 

We ordered a few starters... this one's hummus with flatbread.

These hot pastries were AMAZING! Yum yum!! I don't usually like pastries with like a solid edging, because they taste quite dry and tough when you eat them. That's not the case with these. They were nice and warm, easy to bite into and very appetizing. We had two different kinds, soft cheese (Sambousek Jebneh) and lamb mince (Sambousek Lahmeh). I preferred the soft cheese!!

Ms LuFu had the falafels. They looked humungous!

She also had these... a lamb sort of pastry...

Mr YellowCloak decided to go with the fish of the day (sea bass)... That looked amazing! I wish I ordered the fish...

But I decided on the mixed grill... My desire to have lots of meat that night... ^_^ All of it was grilled nicely. Superb!

We even got a free piece of cake, but Ms LuFu decided not to have her piece - not a coconut lover. ^_^ So lucky!!

Total came to £52.31. Not bad for the three of us. Mr YellowCloak attempted to pay in Scottish pounds, and got away with it, no glances like what we get in the other restaurants we go to... Phew! Sometimes we get embarrassed with these attempts. 😌

My geeky rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5/5)

Good points:
- Polite service
- Good starters (hot and cold plates)
- Enjoyed the mint tea

Bad points:
- Nothing that I can think of...

Address: 70 Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway, London SW17 9NA

Tel: 07771 333157



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