Sunday, 6 May 2018

London China Town Update (April / May 2018)

Ok, so I took these pictures over two weeks ago, and a few pics last week. It's been around a year and a half now since the market was closed down.

This is what China Town looks like now from where the pagoda used to be - The China Town Market building... There's many empty shops at the moment. Might be more restaurants than cute stores, but we'll see! I think they're all likely to open this year.

I wonder if a new pagoda will be built here. It still hasn't been finalised yet.

I think these ornaments are going to be added somewhere.

Unfortunately, they've been used as bins... These are not bins people!! Looking at them, they look more like flower pots... 😒

Just in case you're missing the Chinese cute stores, there are a couple on Rupert Street but probably don't sell all those kawaii things that the old market used to sell... They are worth having a look into though!

Will update as soon when there's some more new developments!!

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