Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Random Outing in Hastings

It's been too hot to blog. And being back at work after a long break doesn't help either...

Hellllllooooo Hastings! This visit happened in mid-June, I actually needed a short break before my long break. Heheheh

I haven't been on a weekend outing for a fairly long time. Don't panic readers, there's a long holiday trip coming up just around the corner (already been and gone, hahah 😅), and I can't wait. It will be worth blogging about later.

Saturday 9th June
I think this trip was planned two months in advance my ex-manager who for some reason I keep in contact with... More about work than about our personal lives. Sometimes it's good to keep in contact with some ex-colleagues (most have avoided me - do I boast too much?). Do they read this blog? I doubt it!

Arrived in Hastings before lunchtime, there's a straight train from Waterloo East, and takes about an hour and a half to get there. I managed to get a weekend ticket which means I can go on a Friday, and return to London on a Saturday or Sunday, and that cost me less than £30. My ex-manager offered me a bed to sleep in, so I took the opportunity! 😉

Hastings is divided between new and old parts... I think most places have that sort of feel. New town versus Old town.

The one in the black t-shirt with the hat is my ex-manager, and the other person is his partner... I'm not sure how I end up with many gay friends. It just happens!

I had a pub sandwich for lunch. It took a bit for this to be made, but I enjoyed it!

Next was a walk a around the area...