Sunday, 30 September 2018

Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen - Day 8: Dongmen 东门 (East Gate) / Laojie 老街 (Old Street)

Wednesday 5th July 2018

Woohoo! Weather permitting, we were able to go out and explore, and be tourtists for a few hours.

We took a taxi to one of the tourist shopping sites. Dongmen 东门 (東門) East Gate a.k.a Laojie 老街 Old Street. According to Wiki, the area is around 300 years old, so I'm guessing there were a lot of businesses there in the past.

First off was a local theme park for the girls. They went on a few rides, and I even went in a bumper car just to make sure my driving was up to scratch... the cars went too fast!! 😓

The goldish area was very fishy smelling.

They just seemed to follow the human scent, probably thinking we were going to feed them... Ah poor koi fish...

Missy I really wanted a turtle, but we kind of convinced her not to get one. Who was going to look after it? Who will take it after we left China? How can we take it to France when it would be illegal to take live animals aboard a flight? Do you want to get Mr and Mrs Travels fined and pay a hefty price? Uh... So I took a picture for Missy I to remember them... 😩

Back to tourist sites! This is what I like... Market stalls inside the buildings - in all areas, underground, above ground and in the middle, looking for bargains and things suitable for sovenirs. Well, I definitely bought a lot of things! 

Have to admit, it is hard shopping with three kids with you... Two adults and three girls. Heheheh.

When w came back we ate some large dumplings. Can't remember what the filling is but I think it was sticky rice, mushrooms and something else...

Missy I was very generous! She bought us all an ice cream!! Thanks Missy I. 😋

Here's our late night snack cooked by Mrs Travels brother... They're like whelks or snails. You have to suck them out. I'm ok with these! Look weird though. 😱 LOL! 

End of Day 8.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen - Day 7: Food Exploring

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

A slightly longer post... of mainly... food... 😇

I think we all had a lot of food in Shenzhen after four and half days. Hahahah. Even looking at the food now, it makes me want to return to eat a bit more. 

Well, it seems we were lucky to eat dumplings made by Mrs Travels's family. They made quite a lot. It made me think I should just make my own when I got back home - but there's a lot of frozen ones I can just buy and cook it then. Heheheh.

It looks like they also know how to make the Korean style mandu. Mixed cultures in this plate of dumplings. 

I can't remember why we went out, but we took a bus and then went around shopping, and looking at shops.

Mrs Travels's mother told us to eat out. She was tired of cooking for us. 😅 I would be the same if I had a massive family... They'll just be eating mostly take outs. Hahahahah. Only joking!

We ended up at this kind of new restaurant Zhi Shang Wei Dao 陟上味道. The interior and exterior looks amazing!

I think we got there too early as the staff were resting around the restaurant, so the kids played and we sat around. Looks like a dream cafe / restaurant. 
After a while, the staff had their daily get together meeting outside the restaurant. I don't get to see this often!

Well the place is nice, but I'm not sure of the food that was ordered by the family... hmmmm... It's Hunan cuisine. Can't describe it. If you like eating slowly this might be your choice of place to eat, as it's all kind of chopped too finely for me. I prefer big chunks of food and mixing it with my rice. Apart from the courgettes and I had one piece of fried chicken, this was kind of not my style of food dining...

Total cost not known... Thanks Family!

My geeky rating: 4/5 (mainly for the deco)

Address: 笋岗 展艺路35号艺览中心六楼601室
(Room 601, 6th Floor, Art Gallery, 35 Art Road, Sungang, Shenzhen)

So I had a choice, go on the Metro with Mrs Travels brother and family or walk and get a bus... Mrs Travels said I should get the Metro. Hahahah. It was one stop!

This single trip token cost ¥2 (~£0.20). If only London could follow the cheap fares of Shenzhen. I complain as us Londoners pay ten times more for a single trip on the Metro! The only difference is that the Metro in China is like an airport, they must check your bags especially with liquids. With the world going crazy with attacks, acid attacks and whatnots it's not surprising that they've upped their security. 

We went from Hongling North...

And ended up in Sungang Station - where Mrs Travels family live. Then it was just a short walk after this...

Yep. Late night snacking again. We ended up eating Korean Fried Chicken whilst watching one of the World Cup matches. 

This cost less than the Korean food in London. The chicken was a little oily but it tasted a little sweet, it was also covered in mustard mayo. I haven't had that sauce for a while. The sides were delicious... I actually liked the purple sweet potatoes. 😋

Somehow a second round of chicken was ordered. 😆 I guess lunch wasn't great then!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5!

Name of restaurant: KO韩国炸鸡 (KO Korean Fried Chicken)... Can't find the location of the place online.

End of Day 7.