Have realised I'm blogging more about snacks as the years go on. Time for a separate page! ^_^

Snacks and Drinks

2019/01/09 Minamoto Kitchoan 源吉兆庵 - Japanese Confectionery Store

2018/05/17 Tsujiri Matcha Tea Shop 辻利茶舗 - London, Rupert Street
2018/03/18 Japanese Beer Variety
2018/02/04 Echigo Cheese Mochi Crackers チーズもち
2018/01/24 Aizu Seimen Curry Tsukemen (dipping noodles) 会津製麺 カレーつけ麺

2017/12/01 UCC Japanese Instant Drip Coffee Mocha Blend
2017/11/30 Takoyaki Korean Crackers
2017/11/29 Samyang Hot Chicken Flavoured Almonds
2017/11/28 Kit Kat Chunky - New York Cheesecake Flavour
2017/11/27 Japanese Kit Kat - Mainichi no Zeitaku (Luxury Days), Cranberry and Almond flavour
2017/11/26 Japanese Kit Kat - Momiji Manju Flavour
2017/10/15 Aizu Seimen Curry Ramen 合図製麺 カレーラーメン
2017/09/24 Pikachu Can Drink - Ocean Bomb (Cucumber Flavour)
2017/08/07 Kyoto Baked Chocolat
2017/08/02 The Laughing Cow - Apericube Sucré / Salé Cheese
2017/07/18 Japanese Kit Kat - Hokkaido Melon Flavour
2017/03/15 Paldo Rabbokki Noodles
2017/02/27 Nissin Sesame Oil Flavoured Crisps

2016/11/13 Twix Creamy Peanut Butter Flavour
2016/10/23 Kit Kat Chunky - Cookie Dough Flavour
2016/09/06 Snowy Mini Four Mooncakes 美心冰皮 - Mango Series 芒果熱情 (Part 2)
2016/08/29 Snowy Mini Four Mooncakes 美心冰皮 - Angel and Devil 天使魔鬼 (Part 1)
2016/08/27 Lindt Creation - Irish Coffee and Passion Frappée Chocolate
2016/08/12 Japanese Kit Kat - Sake and Sakura Matcha flavours
2016/08/09 Old Mout Cider - The Real Stuff
2016/07/03 The Coconut Collaborative Yogurt
2016/06/04 Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 삼양 불닭 볶음면
2016/05/28 Nissin Spicy Beef Noodle Flavour
2016/05/19 Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley
2016/03/25 Kit Kat - Pancake Flavour パンケーキ風味~~Happy Easter!!~~ /(・ × ・)\/(^ x ^)\
2016/03/09 Haitai Ddukbokki Crisp Snack
2016/02/27 Nongshim Honey Twist Snack & Lotte Honey Potato Chips & Lotte Honey&Butter Corn Snack
2016/02/24 Taekyung Topoki and Noodle Cup (Rabboki)
2016/02/17 Yegam Korean Baked Potato Crisps - Original Flavour
2016/02/14 Aero Blueberry Flavour ブルーベリーアイス味
2016/01/28 Royal Gourmet Frozen Cheong Fun
2016/01/20 Market O Real Brownie

2015/10/28 Nissin Roast Beef Flavour
2015/06/27 New York Snack Summary
2015/06/20 Japanese Kit Kat - Pumpkin Pudding and Shinshu Apple Flavours
2015/03/12 Chips Saveur Wasabi
2015/03/11 Mentos Choco
2015/03/05 Milka In Colors Chocolate
2015/03/04 Cote d'Or Truffé Noir Pistache
2015/03/01 Dia Black Chocolate - Chocolate Mousse
2015/02/03 Yuraku Black Thunder Mini Bar Yuraku Black Thunder minibar
2015/02/02 Japanese Kit Kat Tokyo Rum Raisin Flavour Kit Kat rum raisin
2015/02/01 Japanese Kit Kat Citrus Golden Blend Flavour kit cut citrus golden blend
2015/01/31 Fujiya Peko Candy Fujiya Pep candy
2015/01/30 Nobel Cafe Jelly Milk Candy Nobel cafe jelly milk candy
2015/01/28 Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy
2015/01/27 Teicalo Xylicrystal Lemon and Lime Mint xylylene Crystal Lemon & Green lemon mint
2015/01/25 M&M's Raspberry Flavour ラズベリーM&M (Japan Edition)
2015/01/22 Meiji Apple Milk Chocolate Meiji Apple milk chocolate
2015/01/20 Meiji The Chocolate [Bitter Cocoa] Meiji The chocolate [full-bodied bitter cacao]
2015/01/18 Meiji The Chocolate [Fragrant Cocoa] Meiji The chocolate [fragrant cacao]
2015/01/16 Morinaga Milk Caramel (biscuits) Morinaga Milk Caramel
2015/01/13 Kabaya Doutor Coffee Beans Chocolate Kabaya Doutor coffee beans chocolate
2015/01/11 Oishi Wasabi Flavour Chips Oishi pastoral mustard potato taste
2015/01/09 Meiji Torotto Strawberry Chocolate Meiji trot strawberry chocolate
2015/01/07 Careme Quattro Careme Quattro
2015/01/05 Meiji Galbo Ball Chocolate
2015/01/03 Tirol Cheese and Cheese Chocolate Tyrol cheese and cheese chocolate

2014/12/26 Auchan Chocolat - Limited Edition Flavours
2014/10/26 Nissin Soba Cup Noodles
2014/09/29 Lotte Let's Be Cafetime Morning and Latte
24/09/2014 Nissin Tokyo Shoyu Noodles
2014/09/07Cheap Korean Snacks
2014/08/27 Nongshim Potato Noodles
2014/08/23 Nissin Black Garlic Oil Flavoured Noodles reloaded
2014/08/06 Bamboo House Choco Mochi Bar with Milk and Peanut
2014/06/30 u.loveit Primitive Milk Tea flavor tea gifted musicians US
2014/06/11 Red Bean Milk Chewy Wang Zi milk sugar beans
05/29/2014 A pioneer producing chocolate bananas
2014/05/28 Japanese Kit Kat - More Flavours
2014/05/25 Chocolate France
2014/05/24 Confectionery from Sweets From Heaven
2014/05/08 BiFi Pizza XXL
2014/02/14 Pierniczki Milka Alpine - Gingerbread Cakes with Strawberry
2014/02/11 Aji Ichiban Wasabi Pumpkin Seed Snack
2014/02/09 Aji Ichiban Big Thunder Mini - Cocoa Cookie Crunch
2014/02/08 Wing Wah Macau Stylish Chocolate and Almond Cookies Chocolate almond fruit cookies splendor Macau
2014/02/07 Amehama Sumiyaki Coffee Soft Candy charcoal coffee soft candy
2014/02/06 Meiji Porte Creamy Whip Chocolate
2014/02/05 Fujiya Milky Peko Chan Chocolate
2014/02/04 Meiji Horn
2014/01/31 Meiji Meltykiss Chocolates - Winter Limited Edition
2014/01/29 Fujiya LOOK Chocolate
28/01/2014 Morinaga DARS Bitter Chocolate
2014/01/26 Tyrol flour has Tirol Kinako Mochi Choco
2014/01/25 Aji Ichiban Fish Sausage and Cheese Sausage
2014/01/01 TAYTO milk chocolate bar - Cheese and Onion Flavour

2013/11/18 WONKA chocolate bars
2013/10/31 Maynards Sour Patch Kids - Heads and Bodies
2013/10/27 Halloween Treats 2013
2013/10/25 Maryland Gooey Cookies
2013/10/22 JinGuan Plum Candy with Brown Sugar Brown Sugar plum
2013/10/21 Wife Cakes wife cake
2013/10/07 The rest of the Chocolate and Drinks from France
2013/10/06 Kiwi Cake (Dan Cake) and Napolitain Cake (LU Kraft Foods)
2013/10/05 Pom'lisse Bolognaise Flavour Crisps
2013/10/03 Balisto - au bon chocolat goût fruits des bois
2013/10/01 Barquettes au chocolat et à la noisette - P'tit déli 
2013/09/25 Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool and Haribo Mao Croqui
2013/09/24 Suchard L'Original (le rocher lait) - Kraft foods
2013/09/22 Vico Monster Munch Salt Flavour
2013/09/20 Pom'lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps
2013/09/03 Milka Caramel (German version)
2013/08/31 Korean Cheese Ramen?! Are you serious?!
2013/08/29 M&M's Bitesize Cookies and More EXTRA Chewing Gum!
2013/08/24 Limited Edition Pocky from Oyatsu Cafe and a 1000 Yen bar!
2013/08/13 Belgian Chocolate

2013/07/19 Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme
2013/07/09 Cookies and Cream Kit Kat - Japanese (from and UK version
2013/07/01 Karuna Dark Chocolate
2013/06/15 Snickers and Oh Henry! and Butterfinger Crisp

2013/06/14 Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights and Fruit Sensations Chewing Gum
2013/06/12 Trident Cinnamon Flavour Chewing Gum
2013/06/11 Reese's Big Cup
2013/06/11 M&M's Peanut Butter Flavour
2013/06/10 Lifesavers Mints - Strawberry Apple Flavour
2013/06/09 Skittles Darkside
2013/06/05 Boston Baked Beans
2013/05/27 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar
2013/04/04 Japanese Kit Kat Dark Chocolate and Taro Mix from Oyatsu Cafe

2013/03/29 Marks and Spencer Easter Bunnies / Egg
2013/03/17 Nissin Noodles - Black Oil Garlic Tonkotsu & Shoyu Tonkotsu Flavours
2013/03/13 Two Different Yorkie Bars - The Womanly Type ¬,¬"
2013/03/07 Double Whammy of Mini Easter Chocolate Bunnies
2013/02/02 Mandu Dumplings (Korean Dumplings)
2013/01/16 Aero Chocolate Lamb
2013/01/12 Japanese Kit Kat - Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour
2013/01/10 Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon
2013/01/09 Kit Kat Chunky Champion
2013/01/05 Morrisons Chicken Dim Sum (mini chicken package Aberdeen)
2013/01/01 MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny

2012/12/12 Cantonese Egg Waffles 鷄蛋仔 in London China Town
2012/12/07 Instant Bubble Milk Tea from gifted musicians US U.LOVEIT
2012/12/02 Tofu Dessert curd
11/08/2012 Nestle's Roll Biscuit
2012/11/03 Cadbury's Mint Bubbly Chocolate
2012/09/18 Aero Christmas Tree
2012/07/29 Drinking Korean Alcohol
2012/07/28 Bizarre Oddities from Jacob's
2012/07/08 Mascot Chocolate
2012/06/29 Bubble Tea in a Chinese Supermarket!
2012/06/27 Nuts about Koh-Kae
2012/06/20 Yeo's Soya Drinks

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